Zomato CEO Deepinder Goyal Marries Former Mexican Model And Entrepreneur Grecia Munoz


Deepinder Goyal, the CEO of Zomato, has recently entered into matrimony with Grecia Munoz, a former Mexican model and entrepreneur. This event marks a significant chapter in Goyal’s personal life, following his previous marriage to Kanchan Joshi, whom he had encountered during his tenure at IIT.

According to reports from reliable sources such as Moneycontrol.com and HT.com, the marriage ceremony between Goyal and Munoz took place approximately a month ago. Despite the lack of official confirmation from Goyal, Munoz’s Instagram biography proudly states, “Born in Mexico … now at home in India,” along with her notable achievement as the winner of the Metropolitan Fashion Week 2022.


Recently, Munoz shared glimpses of her life in Delhi through a series of captivating pictures on Instagram, offering her followers a glimpse into her new experiences and adventures in the heart of India’s capital.

In a separate development, Zomato has found itself embroiled in controversy over its decision regarding the uniforms worn by its delivery riders. Goyal announced a significant change in the company’s approach, shifting the entire fleet of dedicated vehicles from green to red, a move intended to eliminate the visual distinction between regular and vegetarian delivery partners.


This decision, as explained by Goyal, aims to prevent misunderstandings and safety concerns that could arise from the previous color-coding system. By standardizing the uniform color across all delivery partners, regardless of the nature of the orders they handle, Zomato seeks to ensure the safety and efficiency of its delivery operations.

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