Ram Mandir: Former Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan cried a lot, said – I can never forget what happened to me in Ayodhya.


While narrating her experiences at a program organized by Seva Surabhi in Indore, former Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan started crying and remained emotional for a long time.

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Former Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan cried a lot at a program organized by Seva Surabhi in Indore. While returning from Ayodhya Ram Mandir, she started crying while narrating her experience of having the darshan of Lord Ram and she said that I could not control myself while narrating that experience. I can never forget the experience I had there. I had tears in my eyes after seeing Lord Ram and today, while narrating that experience, my eyes have become moist again.


Former Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan said that every big person there was also small. Everyone went to Ayodhya Ram Mandir as common citizens. Big people were engaged in the arrangements there. See, now Ram Rajya will come. My eyes yearned to see that scene. Everyone there was saying that they will see Ramlala to their heart’s content, we too have contributed towards the temple. Such a big event took place, but no one faced any problem. A sadhu beat a policeman with his stick but the policeman gladly took the beating. Tai said that when I saw Ramlala, tears came to my eyes. But when I looked into Ramlala’s eyes, I felt that his eyes were also moist. As if they were saying that I have arrived. I will never forget this experience.

there were tears in everyone’s eyes
Narrating his experiences after returning from Ayodhya, Gurmeet Narang said that I got honor from the court of God and was invited to visit Ram temple. When PM Modi said that now our Ram has come, everyone had tears in their eyes. Ram is not Vijay but Vinay.


Let us become the best citizens of Ram Rajya

Krishna Kumar Asthana said that he was not feeling satisfied. Perhaps PM Modi returned from the spiritual journey because he had to show this to the country. Ram has come, now we have to bring Ram Rajya. To become a responsible citizen. Now we have to become the best citizens of Ram Rajya. The nation paid a lot, now bring Ram Rajya.


Ram temple was demolished to scare Indians
Former Governor Kokje said that Ram temple was demolished because it was to instill fear in the minds of Indian people. This was a program of national identity. It was a very emotional programme. The memories of all those who sacrificed their lives in this movement became fresh. The 92 year old lawyer fought the case and at the age of 96 he saw the Ram temple being built. While fighting the case, he argued in the court for hours but remained standing the entire time and did not even take off his shoes.


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