Climate Activists Glue Themselves to Munich Airport Runway


Overview of the Incident

In Germany, a group of environmental demonstrators got apprehended for invading Munich airport and attaching themselves to the airstrip.

As per reports from dpa, six eco-protesters managed to breach security fencing at Munich airport in Bavaria last Saturday.


Disruption of Flights

Around sixty flights faced cancellation as a result of the protesters adhering themselves to the tarmac, prompting a temporary shutdown of the airport.

Moreover, fourteen flights destined for Munich had to divert to neighboring airports to evade the disturbance.


Motive Behind the Protest

The environmental protest coalition, Last Generation, claimed credit for the act, aiming to spotlight the perceived lack of action by the German government regarding the ecological repercussions of the airline industry.

Apprehensions and Legal Action

All six demonstrators were detained and formally accused by law enforcement authorities.


Ralph Beisel, General Manager of the German Airports Association, emphasized the gravity of trespassing in the aviation security zone, citing the significant disruption caused to air travelers.

German Interior Minister Nancy Faeser condemned the protests on X, stating that such unlawful actions jeopardize air traffic safety and hinder efforts for environmental conservation.


Global Trend of Airport Protests

The incident in Munich is part of a broader trend of similar protests worldwide targeting air transportation. Last Generation has staged at least two comparable disruptions at German airports since last year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why were the activists arrested?

The activists were arrested for breaching security at Munich airport and causing significant disruption to air traffic.


What was the motivation behind the protest?

The protesters aimed to draw attention to the lack of government action on the environmental impact of the airline industry.

How many flights were affected by the protest?

Around sixty flights were canceled, and fourteen flights had to be diverted to other airports.


What action was taken against the protesters?

All six demonstrators were detained and faced charges for their actions.

Was there any official response to the protest?

German Interior Minister Nancy Faeser condemned the protests, emphasizing the risks to air traffic safety and environmental conservation.


Is this incident part of a larger trend?

Yes, similar protests targeting air transportation have been observed globally, indicating a growing trend of environmental activism in this sector.

Where can I find more information about Last Generation?

You can visit the Last Generation website for more information:



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