lori and george schappell

The World’s Oldest Conjoined Twins : Lori and George Schappell : Dead at 62

lori and george schappell

April 13, 2024

About Lori and George Schappell

Lori and George Schappell were renowned as the world’s oldest conjoined twins, achieving recognition in the Guinness World Records. Born on September 18, 1961, in Pennsylvania, USA, they were joined at the head, a rare condition known as craniopagus twins.


Despite their physical connection, Lori and George led independent lives, pursuing their individual interests and passions. They were talented musicians, known for their performances as singers and pianists. Their musical abilities brought them widespread acclaim, and they performed at various events and venues, captivating audiences with their talent and unique bond.

Aside from their musical pursuits, Lori and George were advocates for disability rights and awareness. They used their platform to raise awareness about the challenges faced by individuals with disabilities and to promote inclusivity and acceptance in society.


Throughout their lives, Lori and George captivated the world with their unique bond, facing numerous challenges with resilience and inspiring many with their story.

Passing of Lori and George

On April 13, 2024, Lori and George Schappell passed away at the age of 62. Their remarkable journey touched the hearts of people worldwide, leaving an enduring legacy of courage, determination, and love.


Their passing marked the end of an era, but their legacy lives on, continuing to inspire and uplift others. They will be remembered not only for their record-breaking status but also for their indomitable spirit and the positive impact they made on the world.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. When were Lori and George Schappell born?
    Lori and George were born on September 18, 1961.
  2. What was their medical condition?
    They were conjoined twins, joined at the head, a condition known as craniopagus twins.
  3. Where were they from?
    They were born in Pennsylvania, USA.
  4. How did they gain recognition?
    Lori and George Schappell were recognized by the Guinness World Records as the world’s oldest conjoined twins.
  5. Did they have any siblings?
    There is limited information available about their family.
  6. What challenges did they face?
    Being conjoined twins, they faced numerous medical and physical challenges throughout their lives. However, they approached these challenges with courage and determination, never allowing their condition to define them.
  7. Did they receive any special medical care?
    Details about their medical care are not widely publicized. However, it can be assumed that they received specialized medical attention throughout their lives to address their unique needs.
  8. What is their legacy?
    Lori and George Schappell leave behind a legacy of resilience, courage, and inspiration, having touched the hearts of people worldwide with their remarkable story. Their impact extends far beyond their record-breaking status, as they have become symbols of strength and perseverance for individuals facing adversity everywhere.


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