Apple iOS 18 to Introduce AI-Powered ‘Emoji Customization’


Mark Gurman previews Apple’s upcoming iOS 18 and macOS 15 in his Power On newsletter. According to Gurman, iOS 18 will introduce AI-generated custom emojis, improved home screen customization, and AI enhancements in various applications.

AI-Generated Custom Emojis

One of the standout features of iOS 18, as detailed by Mark Gurman from Bloomberg, is an innovative AI-driven tool that allows users to generate custom emojis dynamically. This means that instead of waiting for annual updates to get new emojis, users will be able to create unique ones on the fly, tailored to their specific conversations.


The generative AI will analyze the context of users’ messages and produce personalized emojis suited for any given situation, vastly expanding the current emoji repertoire available on iPhones and other Apple devices. This new capability is expected to be a highlight among the various enhancements that iOS 18 will bring.

Enhanced Home Screen Customization

In addition to the emoji creation tool, iOS 18 is set to introduce several other AI enhancements across different applications, including notifications, Photos, and Notes. These updates aim to leverage artificial intelligence to improve user experience and functionality.


Furthermore, Gurman mentions that iOS 18 will offer more options for home screen customization. Users will be able to re-color app icons to personalize their home screens more thoroughly. The new system will also permit greater freedom in placing app icons and widgets, moving away from the rigid grid structure currently in place.

Upcoming WWDC Event

The upcoming WWDC event, now just two weeks away, will be the stage for Apple to unveil these exciting new features. With these updates, Apple continues to push the boundaries of customization and user experience, leveraging advanced AI technology to enhance everyday interactions with their devices.


Foldable Technology Advancements

In other developments, Apple seems poised to introduce a revolutionary advancement in foldable technology, as suggested by a recent report from Tech Radar. A new patent filing by the company, identified as 11991901, indicates work on a foldable screen with the extraordinary capability to self-repair from scratches and dents.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the release date for iOS 18?

Apple has not announced an official release date yet, but it is expected to be unveiled at the upcoming WWDC event.


2. How will the AI-generated custom emojis work?

The AI will analyze the context of your messages to create personalized emojis tailored to your conversations.

3. Can I customize my home screen more freely with iOS 18?

Yes, iOS 18 will offer more options for home screen customization, including re-coloring app icons and greater freedom in placing app icons and widgets.


4. What other AI enhancements can we expect in iOS 18?

Other AI enhancements include improvements in notifications, Photos, and Notes to enhance user experience and functionality.

5. What will be showcased at the WWDC event?

Apple is expected to showcase iOS 18 and macOS 15, along with their new features and improvements.


6. What is the foldable technology advancement by Apple?

Apple is working on a foldable screen that can self-repair from scratches and dents, as indicated by a recent patent filing.

7. Will the new emoji feature be available on all Apple devices?

The new feature is expected to be available on iPhones and other Apple devices running iOS 18.


8. How can I stay updated on the latest Apple news?

Follow Mark Gurman’s Power On newsletter and visit the official Apple website for the latest updates.

9. How can I screen record on an iPhone 14?

For a detailed guide on screen recording on an iPhone 14, check out this article.



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