Actor Carl Weathers, renowned for role in ‘Rocky,’ Died at the age of 76.


The world has lost actor Carl Weathers , who breathed his last at the age of 76. He gained immense popularity for his portrayal of Apollo Creed in the film ‘Rocky.’

Carl Weathers
Credits : Deadline | Sylvester-Stallone-Carl-Weathers

The passing away of actor Carl Weathers is now a reality; he was 76 years old. By bringing to life the character of Apollo Creed in the ‘Rocky’ series, he earned considerable acclaim. Currently, the exact cause of his demise remains undisclosed.

Information relayed by the manage

In a statement on Friday, his manager, Matt Luber, expressed, “We feel great sorrow as we announce the departure of Carl Weathers. He peacefully passed away during his sleep.”


Venturing beyond the realm of Rocky

Besides ‘Rocky,’ he played significant roles in the ‘Star Wars’ spinoff series ‘The Mandalorian‘ and the 1987 science fiction horror film ‘Predator.’ Weathers garnered fame through the Rocky film series, where he portrayed Sylvester Stallone’s adversary in the initial four films.

Additionally, Carl Weathers assumed the lead role in the 1988 film ‘Action Jackson’ and took on the character of a one-handed golf coach opposite Adam Sandler in ‘Happy Gilmore.’ Furthermore, he humorously portrayed himself in four episodes of the television series “Arrested Development” from 1996 to 2004 and then again in 2013.



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